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  • Floor water squeegee 45 cm CLINN stainless steel + wooden handle

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Professional 45 cm floor squeegee with advanced micro-porous rubber technology, including a 130 cm wooden handle.

Product description:

Discover the future of cleanliness with the CLINN Floor Squeegee. Choose innovation and excellence with the premium CLINN Floor Squeegee. Our flagship product is designed to provide maximum efficiency and comfort in every movement, perfect for demanding domestic spaces and professional use.

Key features and benefits:

  • Premium Construction: Solid #430 stainless steel ensures durability and elegance, with available lengths of 45, 55, and 75 cm to perfectly fit every application.
  • Innovative rubber technology: Our squeegee's unique micro rubber is a revolution in water collection. The porous, foamed, closed-cell rubber structure offers unprecedented efficiency on every surface.
  • Uncompromising durability: Unmatched resistance to oxygen, ozone, and atmospheric agents, along with protection against thermal aging, ensures long-lasting reliability.
  • Versatility in every inch: Ideal for use in homes, offices, car workshops, schools, hospitals, pools, and also in the catering and hospitality industries. The squeegee is suitable for cleaning all types of floors, from tiles to concrete.
  • Easy maintenance: Simple in design and easy to keep clean, our squeegee prioritizes hygiene and long-term usability.

CLINN's commitment to cleanliness:

By investing in the CLINN Floor Squeegee, you're choosing not just a tool, but a partner in maintaining cleanliness and order. Our products are synonymous with the highest quality craftsmanship and reliability, paired with an aesthetic appearance. Place your order today and feel the difference brought by the CLINN Floor Squeegee – your solid solution for the cleanliness you deserve.