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Original ABS sensor front, front to MINI. Part No. 6850761. Quality as in the pictures.

For MINI series:

MINI Convertible F57

  • Cooper Convertible (USA)
  • Cooper B36 Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper B38 Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper D B37 Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper D B37B Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper S Convertible (USA)
  • Cooper S B46 Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper S B48 Convertible (ECE)
  • Cooper SD Convertible (ECE)
  • JCW Convertible (ECE)
  • JCW Convertible (USA)
  • One B38 Convertible (ECE)
  • One B38B Convertible (ECE)


  • Cooper B36 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper B36 3-door (USA)
  • Cooper B38 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper B38 3-door (USA)
  • Cooper D B37 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper D B37B 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper S B46 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper S B46 3-door (USA)
  • Cooper S B48 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper S B48 3-door (US)
  • Cooper SD B47 3-door (ECE)
  • Cooper SD B47D 3-door (ECE)
  • JCW 3-door (US)
  • JCW B48 3-door (ECE)
  • JCW B48D 3-door (ECE)
  • One B38 3-door (ECE)
  • One B38B 3-door (ECE)
  • One D B37 3-door (ECE)
  • One D B37A 3-door (ECE)
  • One First B38 3-door (ECE)
  • One First B38B 3-door (ECE)


  • Cooper B36 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper B36 5-door (USA)
  • Cooper B38 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper B38 5-door (USA)
  • Cooper D B37 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper D B37B 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper S 5-door (USA)
  • Cooper S B46 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper S B48 5-door (ECE)
  • Cooper SD B47 5-door (ECE)
  • One B38 5-door (ECE)
  • One B38B 5-door (ECE)
  • One D B37 5-door (ECE)
  • One D B37A 5-door (ECE)
  • One First B38 5-door (ECE)
  • One First B38B 5-door (ECE)